A jewellery collection guide: Where to start

A jewellery collection guide: Where to start

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A good jewellery collection has the basics and some amazing pieces for you to wear when a special occasion comes up. My jewellery collection is mainly George & Co pieces because what can I say – I’m biased. We designed our jewellery pieces with the idea in mind that it could be a whole jewellery collection. We love creating pieces that aren’t just something you’d buy from every store. Basics and showstopping pieces we have it all. Here’s what we’d recommend for starting that perfect jewellery collection:


The Daydreamer earrings

A unique piece is important in a jewellery collection, something that is enchanting but doesn’t overpower you. Our daydreamer earrings are the perfect dainty size but has the sweet touches you need in a unique piece.

Shop the Daydreamer earrings here



The A Moment in Time necklace

 Minimalism is trending and we can’t have you falling behind. We love layers and this is a stacker necklace like no other, simple and elegant. It goes with anything. Now that’s something you need in your collection. Add that little bit of sparkle with this necklace, not everything minimalist has to be dull.

Shop the A Moment in Time necklace here



The Summer Romance ring

 A ring is an absolute jewellery collection staple nowadays. You use your hands for almost everything in your day to day why not make them look pretty too right! Everyone has the average stacker ring but why not stand out from the crowd with something more. Something with a coloured stone can make all the difference.

Shop the Summer Romance ring here

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