Why Jewellery is important

Why Jewellery is important

This story starts 115 000 years ago, across all continents and all walks of life, jewellery has always been present. The finishing touch to your perfect outfit, jewellery has always been a predominant way to accessorise and express ourselves.

Jewellery in history has always had meaning, which is why we pride ourselves on continuing that ideal by designing our pieces with stories from our lives. We, as humans have always had a need to make ourselves beautiful and what better way to do that than with jewellery.

When thinking of gift giving, jewellery is one of the first things that come to mind especially for women. It is an expression of love, friendship, respect and more.

Here are two reasons why jewellery is important:

1. It’s an essential finishing touch for a good outfit

Almost every woman has a jewellery collection with pieces that they collect in their lives ever since they were young. Today, the trends shift more towards minimalist looks as people grow busy with their lives and have less time to accessorise. A quick scroll through any social media platform and you’ll see jewellery everywhere, it elevates your look and can even make you feel more confident! Most women when going to a special occasion would slip on a ring on put on a dazzling necklace in order to feel complete. It’s almost as if jewellery is makeup for the body.

2. It has meaning, reminds you of moments and is a story

You’ve probably heard of heirloom jewellery, ones that get passed down through the generations. That’s an example of what we mean when we say jewellery has a story. There is nothing more powerful than a wearable story imbued with love. Jewellery often is given on life’s great milestones: anniversaries, weddings, graduation, birthdays or just because. Every time you put that special piece on you are transported to that moment. Jewellery with stories don’t have to be lavish and expensive, it can be affordable too, which is why we are all about moments and stories for our customers but at a great price. We want moments to be accessible.

Jewellery brings out the best in you. You can build a collection and grow your wearable stories. It reminds us of the past, present and future all at once. From special occasions to day to day, jewellery isn’t just a fashion staple anymore it’s an important part of expressing ourselves and remembering our loved ones.

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